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The Afghanistan Investigative Journalists Network (AIJ Network ) is a new initiative of the Payk Investigative Journalism Center. Aiming to assist investigative journalists of Afghanistan in creating solidarity and cooperation, especially on access to information and immunity of investigative journalists in the country, the Payk Investigative Journalism Center launched the network in 2017.

The AIJ Network will provide communication and collaboration opportunities with journalists and media outlets around the world, which will encourage and strengthen investigative journalists in the country. Using this opportunity, investigative reporters can share their experiences and knowledge with others as well as learn more on current knowledge about investigative reporting. All national media reporters working in the field of investigative journalism are eligible to join the AIJ Network, this includes reporters with many years of experience as well as those who are just beginning their careers in reporting.

To become a member of the AIJ Network, go to AIJ Network group on Facebook and click join or go to the below link and click join.

About Payk Investigative Journalism Center

The Payk Investigative Journalism Center aims to produce investigative reports, support and train investigative journalists, and work for the growth of investigative journalism in the country. The Payk Investigative Journalism Center was established in October 2011, as an independent, non-affiliated and not-for-profit media institution.


Investigative Report

The most important undertaking of the Payk producing investigative reports. During this period, the focus of the Payk reporters has been on critical issues such as corruption, elections, security, and human rights. The Payk has produced hundreds of investigative reports on these issues and published them in collaboration with print and online media outlets.

Training Programs

Every once in a while, the Payk Investigative Journalism Center organizes training programs to teach theoretical and practical aspects of investigative journalism and data journalism. Since the establishment of the Payk in 2011, tens of journalists have benefited from these training programs free of charge.

Payk Fellowship Program

In addition to training programs, the Payk is the first national news agency to launch a support program called the Payk Fellowship Program. Since 2018, at least twenty investigative journalists have benefited from this fellowship.

Benefits of the Payk Fellowship Program

Participation in the Payk’s investigative journalism and data journalism training programs.

Receive a grant to produce an investigative report.

Get support and guidance during the production of the investigative reports.

Publishing the investigative report on the Payk’s website and other credible media outlets.

Afghanistan Investigative Journalists Network

Furthermore, the Payk Investigative Journalism Center supports investigative reporters across the country in professional and technical fields. The Afghanistan Investigative Journalists Network, established by the Payk in 2011, has been able to bring more than 200 active journalists in the capital and across the country together. The network provides exchange of views on issues relevant to investigative journalism, support for journalists, joint investigative reports’ production opportunities, and work and training opportunities for its members

The Payk Investigative Journalism Center endeavors to further strengthen and institutionalize investigative journalism in the work of national and local media outlets by organizing conferences in the capital and major cities of the country.

The Payk Investigative Journalism Center is led by outstanding journalists with more than a decade’s experience.

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